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I believe that landlords need good documentation. First, you should screen a prospective tenant with an application form. Next, every landlord should require a written lease and I also suggest that you include a cost sheet explaining how you will charge the tenant for any damage to the property. Finally, when the tenant moves out, it is important to promptly inform the tenant of any charges that you have imposed against the security deposit. Failure to timely and correctly provide this information could bar your right to assert a claim against the ex-tenant for damages. Consequently, I developed documents that I believe will make your job as a landlord easier. Get all of the forms you need here at a fraction of the cost to have another attorney prepare them for you.

JUST ADDED! Attorney Petersen's new treatise Indiana Eviction Law.

All forms are available for immediate download and I accept Paypal for payment using any major credit card (you do not need to have a Paypal account to order). Note:  All forms are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.  You must have Word or a compatible word processing program installed on your computer.

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INDIANA EVICTION LAW - I wrote Indiana Eviction Law to assist judges, attorneys and real estate professionals with any eviction scenario. The material is organized to be readily accessible and to treat each topic with authoritative guidance. Containing a thorough table of contents and index, find the case law that explains applicable leasehold estates, the form of lease, breach of lease, conditions precedent for an eviction, the eviction process, measure of damages, tenant defenses, bankruptcy considerations and more. Obtain the PDF version now for instant access. NEW! Indiana Eviction Law-Second Edition paperback. Revised and updated to include additional information regarding noticing, mold and lead-based paint, etc.

INDIANA EVICTION LAW $60.00  (Immediate Download as a PDF)


Indiana Rental Property Leases - Both leases have been updated May 2018 and contain significant new language protecting your rights as a landlord. I designed these leases to help Indiana landlords and improve tenant management, reduce costs, increase revenue and, in the event of problems, make evictions as easy as possible. I have found that other leases merely repackage generic language and are not designed specifically for Indiana landlords. Consequently, I personally drafted these leases to protect and favor Indiana landlords by including recent developments in Indiana law. Don't take chances with your valuable real estate. As a landlord myself, I use my lease and I believe that you should too. Obtain both our Single-Family Property Lease and our Multi-Family/Apartment lease.

SINGLE-FAMILY PROPERTY LEASE $34.99  (Immediate Download)
MULTI-FAMILY/APARTMENT LEASE $44.99  (Immediate Download)

Application - Use this application to gather all the information you need about your tenant to make a leasing decision, and to locate the tenant later in case of an eviction resulting in judgment. I have observed that many landlords focus on the wrong information when taking tenant applications. Consequently, I designed this tenant application to obtain useful information for both leasing and collections. Further, I use this tenant application with my own rental properties.

$5.99  (Immediate Download)

Ten (10) Day Notice for Monetary Breach -  If your tenant has no fixed day/time to pay rent, you should give a ten (10) day notice for failure to pay rent.

$9.99 (Immediate Download)

Indiana Security Deposit Letter - Indiana law requires landlords to inform ex-tenants of any charges to the security deposit and to refund promptly the remaining balance. A failure to comply with the statute means that the law presumes no damages and obligates the landlord to return the security deposit in full. Further, the ex-tenant may sue for a return of the security deposit and recover from the landlord all attorney fees incurred. Protect yourself when you intend to charge the ex-tenant's security deposit and use this template to comply with the law and to inform the tenant that damages have been deducted from the tenant's security deposit.

$24.99  (Immediate Download)

Replacement Costs Sheet - Add this form to your lease, and have your tenant initial it at lease signing.  It gives an upfront cost for any damages that the tenant may cause and eliminates later disagreements over repair costs. I have found this to be a very useful form for justifying the costs of repairs and any charges assessed on the tenant or ex-tenant.

$12.99  (Immediate Download)

Get The Complete Forms Package (Single-Family Property) -  Obtain the Single-Family Property Lease, Application, Indiana Security Deposit Letter, and Replacement Costs Sheet all for one low price.

$59.99 (Immediate Download)

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